We are the leader of the recycling industry in Poland

The main area of our activities is the wholesale purchase of non-ferrous metal scrap and waste paper. We provide comprehensive services in the scope of waste collection from production facilities, which includes auditing, implementation of solutions, placing containers, as well as the organization of transport.


We provide our clients with high quality services thanks to a team of professionals who posess many years of experience in the industry. We operate throughout Poland by means of the network of Recycling Centers and the Trade Office in Warsaw.


We offer high, competitive purchase prices of raw materials, which is possible due to direct cooperation with the major steel mills and foundries throughout Europe.


Comprehensive service

We strive for a long-term business relationship based on mutual trust. Within the scope of our activities, we take responsibility for the entire waste management process: from audit, through individual solutions aiming at the improving and supporting Your business, to full implementation and assistance in the implementation of environmental obligations.



Thanks to the appropriate storage at our warehouses, our own laboratory for chemical analysis of metals, as well as multi-stage and stringent quality control (in compliance with international ISRI standards), we are able to guarantee the highest quality of our raw materials.



The commitment to the recycling process entails investment in the long-term and sustainable development of the company and care for the natural environment. We fulfill all legal requirements in the scope of environmental protection.



We invariably do our utmost to improve all processes. We create services, procedures and solutions that increase efficiency, both within our own operations, as well as those of our Partners. All the above is made possible thanks to the team of experienced specialists who are full of enthusiasm and keep faith in the meaningfulness of their work at Odylion.

Knowledge alone is insufficient, one still needs to be able to use it.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Why Odylion?


We give highest priority to the question of quality and promptness of delivery and payments.


We are in the posession of all required permits for storage and transport of waste.


We do appreciate Your business - an optimal solution tailored to Your needs.


For over 25 years we have been specializing in the wholesale trade of non-ferrous metals, steel scrap and waste paper.


We posess our own professional Recycling Centers located throughout Poland, at the main communication nodes.


We are a family-owned company, which allows us to be flexible and act promptly in cooperation with international Partners.

CLOSED LOOP Closed Waste Circulation

We are part of the Closed Waste Circulation. Our goal is to increase the amount of waste sent for recycling, which, in turn, will allow its most efficient processing and reuse.

A comprehensive scope of services including collection, appropriate selection and preparation of waste (analysis / cutting / pressing / sorting) for processing it into new products delivers convenient solutions for our Partners, simultaneously meeting all legal requirements in the area of environmental protection.

Detailed action procedures have been devised to optimize all processes in the company and minimize the carbon footprint of our operations.